7 Cost Effective Tools to Help You Grow Your Email List Faster

7 Cost Effective Tools to Help You Grow Your Email List Faster

In online marketing, your list is the database of your contacts that can be used to send marketing messages, information to communicate with your customers.

If you are talking about email marketing, you can’t miss list building. In fact, most marketers focus on how they can build their email list to grow their business.

You have a high customer engagement ability and by sending emails regularly, you can build trust, and this will help to build your list. Along with this, here are some valuable tools that can also help you to boost your list building efforts


Pop-up forms are helpful to generate leads, so if you want to create attractive pop-up forms for your website, you can use OptinMonster. It is also helpful for improving conversion optimization and to analyze which form is doing the best.

OptinMonster generates more sales, with the most powerful conversion toolkit to grow customer revenue.


Optimizely is a tool which allows you to test the functionalities of your website. By doing a few clicks, you can test any page of your website without making any change to your original website.

It also provides the facility to customize the forms such as the text, images, and color of the call-to-action button.

Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange allows you to target different segments of traffic. It gives your visitors an opportunity to know and make proposals for them according to their behavior.

This can also help to nurture leads by capturing the email address of users for future use.


Drip allows customer to create their own campaigns without wasting much time.

Basically, this is an automated tool that automates the workflows of messages which helps in sending highly targeted messages to the right person and at the right time.


This tool is easy to use for newbies because users can use it for free to check if these devices are helpful for their business or not. It is helpful to make it easy to launch & manage a giveaway for any site.

Rafflecopter provides a better solution for developing and following through on giveaways and contests via a company’s website or social media platforms.

LinkedIn pulse

If you want to build your list, and want to build authority in your niche, you can use LinkedIn Pulse. It increases your credibility & builds a relationship with your customers. You can add a call-to- action button with LinkedIn pulse to promote your services.

This tool allows you to view the information like job title & location that they are using to view your services.


Landing pages are helpful to attract customers to your services and to buy your services. Unbounce generates less cost per lead for you with the help of landing pages.

You can decide which text, font, color is best for your page & test which version is more effective.

Building an email list puts you in the right direction to get more customers for your website, and boost sales and profits.

No one will be satisfied with slow email list growth, using these tools can help you to achieve your goal as soon as possible and the rest is up to you.