How To Perform “Niche Brain Surgery” & Extract Niche Ideas From Your Own Mind

How To Perform Niche Brain Surgery & Extract Niche Ideas From Your Own Mind

Hopefully you are not surprised to hear that there is no such thing as ‘top secret niches’.

Think about it, if nobody knew how would you make money with it?

There is no demand, no customers, no products for sale and there is no money to be made.

And even if you were somehow ‘lucky’ to find a brand new, unexplored niche …

… the chance that you will benefit is small, because it is MUCH harder to enter new markets than in established markets.

Where as, established markets have many customers, demand, products for sale, websites to get traffic and people to emulate.

And of course, new markets have none of that.

Seriously, you should completely redefine what content you need to create, where you can find your target audience, create your own products, stimulate demand and much more.

That’s difficult.


It is best to choose a proven and established niche market that others are already making money with.

It means a lot of demand, easy to make customers money, products that have already been made, you can be a customer for, tons of websites with traffic and more.

Competition is a good thing! It proves the demand and makes it easier to make money.

And even better if it is something YOU already know, because you are involved and / or spend money.

And you may be surprised that there is a “secret” niche finder tool that nobody ever talks about for finding profitable keywords.
That “secret” tool is ….

… your own brain!

Seriously, you have BOXES if not even HUNDREDS of profitable niches are hidden in you that you didn’t even know were profitable.

So let me show you how to find 50+ profitable niches from your own brain in just 15 minutes or less (you can set a timer) in just 5 simple steps …

Step 1: Download & Print The Niche Brainstorm Document

Download the “Niche Brainstorm Surgery” document below, print it off and then grab a pen to do this excercise.

>> Niche Brainstorm Worksheet <<

We are going to do a little homework here and find you tons of profitable niche openings that you already know.

And seriously, print this and grab a pen if you can.

I think doing this manually with a pen and paper eliminates the distraction of the computer / internet and allows creativity to flow better.

If it is not possible to print and use a pen now, simply open a Word document and create a table as you see in the “Niche Brainstorm” document.

Step 2: What Are You Good At Or Enjoy In Life?

As I said above about ‘passion’ niches (and let’s not take this too literally, it doesn’t have to be a complete ‘passion’, but something that you enjoy doing or getting pleasure from) is always profitable.

People will do anything to get more fun and spend money to feel better.

Answer these questions …

  • What are you good at?
  • What do people always ask you for advice or help?
  • Where do you like to spend your time?
  • What skills do you have (at home, at work or elsewhere)?
  • What are you well-trained or well-informed about?

So spend no more than 5 minutes thinking about all the things you like and make yourself happy in everyday life and write them down in the “Things I Like” column on the “Niche Brainstorm” print sheet.

Step 3: What Pisses You Off?

This list can be much longer than the “think you like” list. There are so many things in life that annoy us every day.

So make a list of everything that causes you pain, that makes you sad, makes you angry, absorbs your energy or that you wish you didn’t have to do it in life.

Ask yourself these questions to gain insight …

  • What do you regularly cause discomfort, pain or displeasure?
  • Why do you become so angry in the world that you want to change it?
  • What tasks in life would you avoid if you could do it?

Again, spend no more than 5 minutes on this task and note them on the sheet.

Step 4: What Problems Do You Have?

As Jay Z said: “I got 99 problems and a niche is not one!”

Or something like that. 😉

This is simple, just record all the problems you have in life.

Consider the following areas of your life:

  • Money & Finance (work, lack of money, debts, investments, career opportunities, business etc.)
  • Relationships (Husband, Children, Dating, Social life, Work colleagues etc.)
  • Health (fitness, diseases, medical conditions, etc.)
  • Self-improvement (lack of skills, problem areas, problems with self-confidence, etc.).

Spend up to 5 minutes again and write it down in the “problems” section of the printed sheet.

Step 5: Things You’d Like To Learn More About

Think about topics or skills you want to know more about.

Maybe you have always wanted to take photos or learn web design.

Are there work-related skills that you would like to improve? (i.e., networking, public speaking, tech, etc.)

What about personal skills? (building trust, social skills, etc.).

Spend a few minutes and write them all down.

You’ve Just Extracted Dozens Of Profitable Niches From Your Own Brain

See how easy that is?

You have just found dozens, if not scores, of profitable niches based on things you already know and do in life.

All your passions, if it is something you spend money on, are profitable niches that other people spend money on. Because it makes you and them happy.

All your problems are problems that other people also have and we will all spend money to solve our problems to make our lives easier.

Other people do everything you like and dislike, and if it is something you spend money on, there is a good chance that others will.

Any topic you want to learn more about or skills you want to improve is probably something that many other people want to do.

Every passion, problem, sympathy and aversion, and something that you want to improve, is a profitable niche.

Congratulations, your brain has just done all your niche research for you.