The ultimate overview of all social media dimensions for 2019 [infographic]

social media dimensions for 2019

Nothing is as changeable as the ideal size of an Instagram photo, YouTube video or Facebook header. For everyone who wants a good start to 2019, here is the ultimate overview of social media dimensions for the coming year.

Social media platforms are known for their innovation. In addition to introducing new features or improving functions, work is often done on the display of content in messages. To ensure that you start 2019 well, Make A Website Hub has created a new edition of the social media cheat sheet . Handy, because by developing images in the right format, you ensure a good representation of your content.

All ideal dimensions in one infographic

In the infographic below you can see which dimensions you must maintain for your images and videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, SnapChat and Google Plus. That way you don’t have to crop your images every time to ensure that your message is displayed beautifully and professionally.

In addition to the ideal dimensions, the infographic also contains guidelines on how you can best publish the content on the aforementioned platforms.

Scroll down to view the infographic. For a larger copy click on the image.

The ultimate overview of all social media dimensions for 2019


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